May 27 2007

Diggin’ the Funky Green!

I am loving this yarn I’m spinning with the Bonkers Tencel ‘n’ Merino in the Funky Green colorway. It’s so rich and the color variations are subtle and give it a beautiful depth. I’m also highly motivated to spin this as I already know what I want to knit with it – the Victorian Lace Today scarf with French Trellis border and bramble leaf center. (photo below and on page 85 for those of you who have the book) My only concern is whether I’ll have enough yarn. I’ve got 4oz of roving and am spinning at what should be a fingering weight once plied. I need 450 yards for the pattern. Anyone know if I’ll have enough or is there a way to calculate this?

This is also my first time using my new Spindlewood spindle and this is now one of my favorite spindles! It just keeps going. Not to mention, look at how beautiful it is! I love purpleheart and even though I already have another purpleheart spindle, this one really sold me on the purpleheart shaft with the lovely woodwork. So many spindles have a beautiful whorl and then for some reason, the shaft is so bland. This Spindlewood really has all the details and spins like a dream. Spindlewood makes really cool square spindles that I’ve heard are wonderful as well. I think that may have to be my next spindle purchase.

May 26 2007

Knitting Library

Today I went to my local Japanese bookstore – Kinokuniya (in NYC, 49th St. btw. 5th&6th) and picked up a wonderful stitch dictionary “Knitting Patterns Book 250”. My friend Janel had shown me her copy of this book so, of course, I had to be a copy cat and get my own! The diversity of patterns in here is just spectacular! Although the book is in Japanese, all the patterns are charted out so most knitters who are familiar with knitting from charts shouldn’t have too many problems. There are some pretty complicated stitches here with many symbols that I did not recognize. But I’m still not a very experienced knitter so those of you with a bit more knitting knowledge probably won’t have any major issues. Plus there are illustrated instructions in the back.

In the last couple of months I’ve acquired a few other books for my knitting library:

Interweave’s “Favorite Socks”
Now those of you who know me, know that I have yet to finish knitting my first pair of socks but I have great plans I tell you! As witnessed by my purchase of not one but two sock yarns at the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest. So I needed – absolutely needed – a sock pattern book. This book really has a nice selection of patterns from lacy socks to a variety of fancy and plain cable/rib socks and some colorwork and folk patterns. I definitely want to knit at least half the patterns in this book which is a rarity for me and a pattern book. I’ve only been subscribing to Interweave Knits magazine for a little over a year now so I didn’t have any of these patterns. However, if you’re a long time subscriber, you probably don’t need this book unless you just like the convenience of it. It does have a nice spiral binding and it’s not too big, fitting nicely in a project bag. And I’ve just discovered that there’s a KAL for this book at

I’ve also recently purchased Interweave’s Scarf Style which has a nice variety of patterns as well. Again, there are lacy patterns and some nice cable patterns, several colorwork designs. Definitely something for everyone here. In particular I want to knit “Backyard Leaves” by Annie Modesitt. And there are several others on my to-do list as well. There’s a KAL for this book at

Now, maybe I should go work on my socks!

May 20 2007

Spinning with the Fibership

I’ve been test-driving my new Grafton Fibership and it’s spinning up my new fiber quite nicely. This is the Cloverleaf Farms Merino/Tussah in Seamist. It’s looking really beautiful. Very heathery. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to make with it though I’m thinking maybe a hat. I only bought 4oz. so something small.

May 11 2007

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival last weekend to see my friend Janel who was a vendor and to do a bit of animal petting and to do a bit (well, a lot) of shopping. I had no idea just how bad my fiber addiction was. I had a great time and bought way more than I should have… The sheep dog trials were so fun and amazing to watch. Oh, and I really wanted to get an alpaca! I wonder how that would work in my small Manhattan apartment.

So here are tons of photos of stash and fiber critters.

From Chameleon Colorworks – Spindlewood drop spindle in purpleheart and beautiful natural black baby alpaca fiber:

From Chameleon Colorworks – Hand dyed boucle yarn:

From Chameleon Colorworks – “Bambino” bamboo/merino superwash sock yarn

From the Yarn Barn – Chasing Rainbows silk hankie in Juniper Berry colorway:

From the Yarn Barn – Chasing Rainbows bombyx top in Abalone colorway:

From the Yarn BarnBonkers Tencel ‘n Merino in Funky Green:

From Cloverleaf Farms – (l-r) Merino/Tencel in Peacock, Merino/Tussah in Seamist, Merino/Tussah in Green

From Brooks Farm Yarn – (l-r) “Acero” superwash wool/silk/viscose, “Primero” 100% kid mohair

From Seaport YarnGrafton Fibership spindle

From the extremely generous Sheila and Michael Ernst – a stunning glass button

From Carolina Homespun – a fun little sheep needle size and guage check

And apparently it is not permissable to leave until you’ve stood in line forever and purchased some of the festival merchandise which is actually quite nice!

And now a few of the cutest fiber animals ever!

Sheep (of course!):

Sleepy angora goat:

Fluffy bunny:

Sheered alpacas with fancy hairdos:

Lovely llama:

Happy sheep: