Diggin’ the Funky Green!

I am loving this yarn I’m spinning with the Bonkers Tencel ‘n’ Merino in the Funky Green colorway. It’s so rich and the color variations are subtle and give it a beautiful depth. I’m also highly motivated to spin this as I already know what I want to knit with it – the Victorian Lace Today scarf with French Trellis border and bramble leaf center. (photo below and on page 85 for those of you who have the book) My only concern is whether I’ll have enough yarn. I’ve got 4oz of roving and am spinning at what should be a fingering weight once plied. I need 450 yards for the pattern. Anyone know if I’ll have enough or is there a way to calculate this?

This is also my first time using my new Spindlewood spindle and this is now one of my favorite spindles! It just keeps going. Not to mention, look at how beautiful it is! I love purpleheart and even though I already have another purpleheart spindle, this one really sold me on the purpleheart shaft with the lovely woodwork. So many spindles have a beautiful whorl and then for some reason, the shaft is so bland. This Spindlewood really has all the details and spins like a dream. Spindlewood makes really cool square spindles that I’ve heard are wonderful as well. I think that may have to be my next spindle purchase.

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