Startitis Symptom #1: Nanook Sweater

I’ve been starting too many projects lately. I just can’t seem to help myself. Evidence to my growing affliction…

Nanook Sweater WIP
I’ve been admiring Heidi Kirrmaier’s patterns for a while now over on Ravelry. I love her clean easy style and there’s always something a little different that makes all her patterns special. So I’ve finally cast on her Nanook sweater pattern and am really enjoying it. It’s fun and so far it’s knitting up pretty quickly. I’m notorious for not finishing sweaters but I think (hoping I don’t jinx myself) I just might finish this one.

I’m using some scrumptious MadelineTosh DK in the thyme colorway that I got for Xmas two years ago. It’s about time! Quite a treat.

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3 Responses to “Startitis Symptom #1: Nanook Sweater”

  • Helen Says:

    I’m just working on Nanook too, have got to about the same stage as you! I struggled a bit with stitch counts on the bear claw pattern, and am keeping careful note with the increases as have frogged several times to get it right 🙁
    But it looks a great pattern and the silk/wool mix yarn I am using is draping fabulously. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished cardigan.

    • kimley Says:

      I had to take a bit of a break on this one to work on my Ravellenic projects but I’m definitely picking this up again next week. This is my first of her patterns but I know I’ll be doing more. Let me know when yours is done! Good luck!

      • Helen Says:

        Hello I have finished my Nanook! I am very pleased with it and may make another one day. It is in my Ravelry projects under my name bitstobuy if you would like to see the photos.
        Best regards, Helen

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