Noro Otaku

“Otaku” is a Japanese word that generally refers to anyone who is geekily obsessed with something. Initially the word referred to young men obsessed with manga and anime but the word has now come to be used for just about any kind of obsession and I’d say us crazy knitters can easily fall under this umbrella. And seeing as Noro yarn is from Japan then I say all the more reason to be a Noro Otaku!

Noro Striped Scarves – wide version on the left and newer, improved narrower version on the right

The thing about these Noro striped scarves is that once you start it is incredibly difficult to put the project down because you can’t wait to see what the next color combo will end up being. I chose a skein of very neutral greys and browns and combined it with a skein of bright colors. But unexpectedly the brights occasionally become neutral when transitioning so the stripes aren’t always well defined but I’m really liking the subtle shifting here.
I actually started this project a while back and got almost half way done when I decided I was making the scarf too wide considering how dense the fabric is in this thick yarn with the one by one ribbing. So I put it on hold for a while and just started again on a narrower scarf and again I find myself in a Noro haze. Just can’t put it down…

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