Yarn Gremlins Have Attacked

Yes, I do believe someone has been surreptitiously eating my yarn.

I’m running out of yarn on my Hallett’s Ledge sweater even though I’m using the yarn spec’d for the pattern and getting gauge and purchased the recommended amount and yet I’m running out! I’ve got the body and the first sleeve done and have only 80 grams of yarn left. My first sleeve used 79 grams of yarn (yep, I weighed it) so clearly I won’t have any left over for the collar band and two button bands.

Hallett’s Ledge WIP: back and front view. It looks better on. It definitely needs blocking.

What’s a girl to do?  Ahem – go yarn shopping! I originally got this yarn from Webs so I’m hoping they still have some of the same dye lot. It’s a Rowan yarn (the felted tweed aran) and I’ve had mixed experiences trying to match yarn with Rowan yarns. Sometimes, even if it’s not the same dye lot, it looks exactly the same and other times it looks really really different. We’ll see if they can match it or if it will be OK. Hopefully, even if it doesn’t match, it won’t be so different as to stand out on the collar and button bands. Sigh…

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