Blog Do-Over

It’s been literally years since I last blogged… but not for a lack of knitting or fiber fluff in my life. I’ve just been keeping track of all my projects on Ravelry and blogging seemed a bit redundant.

But I’ve lately been knitting somewhat fanatically and feeling the need to start blogging again. I really want to step up my knitting skills and get past being an “advanced-beginner” and try to develop some enviable needle chops. So I’ve “rebranded” my blog with a new name and design and have lots to post about my latest adventures with yarn.

swatch for Hallett’s Ledge sweater

With that in mind, I’ve lately become obsessed with knitting sweaters. I’d mostly avoided sweaters for several reasons. It’s expensive to buy all that yarn. They take a long time. And making sure they fit is somewhat daunting not to mention there are a variety of sweater-knitting skills that I still don’t possess. But I’m ready to tackle those now.

I’m currently working on Hallett’s Ledge from the latest Twist Collective. I’ve run into a couple of hitches but overall, I’m really loving it. If I can manage to pull this one off, I’m pretty sure I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of it.

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