Monkey Trouble

I’ve got a good start on my second Monkey sock but look at that horrible pooling of the variegated yarn! I was really happy with the way the yarn worked in the first sock but the second one is coming out completely different and I’m really not happy with it at all. I’m tempted to rip it and start over but I don’t really know how to make sure it doesn’t just pool again. I’m not sure if it’s pooling because I started in a different section of the dye sequence or if I’m knitting at a slightly different guage or something else. Very frustrating! And I just love the first sock. What to do. What to do…

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  • Sheila E Says:

    I would say…not that I am correct…but….you are much more at *ease* with the second sock…&/or…yourself…Could you go down a needle size…perhaps?

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