To Rip or Not to Rip

I’ve knit some more on my Misty Garden scarf and was having serious reservations as to whether or not I liked it. I was pretty close to ripping it but thought I should give it another test blocking to see what I thought and now I’m actually pretty happy with it.

The first time I test blocked it, I kept the top straight when in reality it will be scalloped like the bottom so I think that made a big difference. Now I can really see the stitch pattern emerging and I just love, love, love this yarn!

One Response to “To Rip or Not to Rip”

  • Sheila E Says:

    IMHO I think it's beautiful!!
    You are a great blocker! I know that might sound funny but I have only blocked a few things and I am still unsure of it all.
    I am making a cashmere scarf for our daughter and a bit taken aback by the concept of blocking it….got any hints? Yours come out so lovely!!

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