Very Handspun

From this (Blue-Faced Leicester from Chameleon Colorworks):

To this:

To this:

This is my attempt once again to spin a thicker yarn. It’s about a worsted weight and I’ve got 54 yards so far with about 1.5 ounces left to spin. Hopefully I’ll get enough to make a funky hat.

It’s ironic but I’m much better at spinning thinner yarns than thicker ones. I seem to have much more trouble with consistency when I spin a thicker yarn. Not that it is always a bad thing. I still think the yarn came out nice and I frankly like that my yarn looks “handspun”. But there are a few places where the twist really started to come out when I was plying so I still have much to learn.

And plying – fuhget about it. I still have so much trouble plying – always getting my yarn tangled and a big mess. I threw away several tangled masses this weekend…

If I actually needed any more motivation to plunk down the $$$ for a wheel, the plying issue is certainly motivation enough.

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