I’ve Got Monkey Fever!

This is what happens when you read too many knit blogs and flickr groups and see all the groovy stuff that other people are up to. And then you start to salivate (first symptom of the monkey fever) and then your brain goes into overdrive trying to decide if you’ve got the supplies you need or whether a shopping expedition to the yarn store is in order which of course it always is in order! (second symptom of the monkey fever). Then you abandon all other projects because the monkey fever has taken over your entire being…

The monkey fever is very contagious so I’m sorry to say that if you are now reading this blog you’ve probably just caught yourself a case of the monkey fever!

Cookie A’s fabulous Monkey Socks pattern is free at Knitty.

2 Responses to “I’ve Got Monkey Fever!”

  • 7ghost12 Says:

    A pox on your house and all that dwell there.

    I've read your blog and now I have the monkey fever!!! Since my knitting skills (or more correctly the lack thereof) do not allow me to find relief in the creation of these magnificent socks I find myself sitting in the corner compulsively fashioning hats made of old banana peels. Not a pretty sight. A truly loving daughter would make her mother some socks. (hint hint)

    I love your socks. Beautiful yarn.

  • Fall Cruise to Alaska Says:

    Uh oh, not monkey fever! You didn't say what the yarn is! Certain yarns truly heighten Monkey fever, and I'm sorry to say your yarn looks like the most dangerous kind. It's a good thing I'm 3000 miles away and up to my ass in work or i would already be foaming at the mouth with Monkey Fever and trying to break into my LYS at 11pm. Watch out, people who have Monkey fever are very susceptible to catching Pomotomous fever afterward. And that's infinitely harder to pronounce….

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