Union Square Market Sweater Progress

Well, now I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself for updating my blog two days in a row. Of course, I may not update it again for two months in a row… Not sure I’m ready to commit to steady blogging yet…

But here is a progress pic on my second sweater effort – the Union Square Market Sweater from Interweave Knits.

I’ve got about 6 inches done. Keep in mind it’s knitted in the round on size 3 needles so a nice chunk of knitting is done. But it is a big project and I still have A LOT to do. Plus I don’t understand all the directions so I’ll need to ask for the help of my trusty knitting guru, Janel.

This sweater has a cool hem on the bottom that I had to do about 5 times over before I got it to work. The technique sounds easy enough when you read how to do it but the actual doing it is much more tricky. There are some boo boos in mine if you look real close but overall, I really like this way of hemming a sweater. It’s a nice change from a ribbed bottom.

Just an FYI, that is Nino, AKA the grey devil, sleeping beside the sweater. Much of his fur is knitted in the sweater.

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  • Fall Cruise to Alaska Says:

    Oh Ms. Appley Dapply! I'm so proud of your blog efforts! The sweater is looking good. I like that hem too. Maybe we could get a closeup pic of it?

    The Indian Wedding looks yummy. I think your yarn and knitting look remarkably consistent! I bet it feels really soft and squoooshy too.

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