Indian Wedding Scarf

OK, I really don’t know how people find time to keep their blogs up to date on a regular basis. I mean, I barely have time to just do the things that I want to show off here…

Anyway, I didn’t do much in the way of craftiness over the summer. I live in New York City where the summer is hot and sticky and pretty much the last thing you want to do is touch wool. But now that there is a nip in the air I’ve gotten back to spinning and knitting. I finished knitting my Rowan green sweater but no point in posting a photo since the second side looks exactly like the photo I posted earlier – well, I made different mistakes, but whatever. I still need to block it and put it together. Then I’ll post a pic.

I did however finish my first project using yarn that I spun myself (from “Indian Wedding” Merino Silk roving that I got from Janel at Chameleon Colorworks) which is pretty exciting. It’s this scarf using a pattern I got from the Yarn Harlot.

So, what did I learn with this project – that I still need to work quite a bit on consistent spinning – or not, if I want that “handmade” look which I do like but prefer to have more control over making it look funky. I really wanted my yarn to be bulkier so that is something to work on…

Always learning.

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